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About Me

Al’Nicx a.k.a. Allen Harrison is a hip-hop artist, dancer, and model fresh off the Louisiana streets of Lake Charles. Harrison was born to Carl Harrison and Sequona Nickerson on April 18, 1992. Allen first realized his love of music at the age of 4. He began dancing by imitating routines that he saw performed on television and music videos. With musical inspirations such as Missy Elliot, Ciara, R. Kelly, Tinashe, Ginuwine & Llyod to name a few he was drawn to R&B and hip hop from the beginning. At age 13 he moved to Fayetteville, Arkansas with his mother to begin his journey.


Harrison, a social butterfly in itself, began making friends and making moves. He started various dance groups that he both choreographed and led. He dedicated any and every free moment to hosting his own classes and creating routine after routine, after school at the Boys and Girls Club of Fayetteville. His innovative and captivating routines led him and his teammates into school talent shows, professional school performances, etc.


At age 15 he began to take a heavy interest in Modeling and Photography. He bought his own equipment and began doing his own spreads. It’s with these photos his chemistry with the camera come to life. Some months later he was signed by the NCK modeling agency.  While Harrison loved the agency he was torn between his abilities as a model vs. a music artist. This dilemma guided him back to the basics.

It was after high school graduation he realized his own abilities and talents as an actual musician. He recorded his first single “I’m So Clean!!” in 2010. This track introduced him as a local music artist and also labeled him a triple threat. The buzz generated from his efforts prompted him to take a job at KFC in Fayetteville to support his upcoming dance, modeling and music dreams. On April 18, 2015 he released the project known as “Mindless Ending”. This EP would be his official introduction to the music game. Mindless Ending created a great deal of opportunity for Nicx as he has toured and performed his album across the country. February 24, 2017 AL reached new heights of success as his Mindless Ending project was officially released to the public through Amazon, iTunes, and Spotify.